Nanzankai Vist To Project Site

On the 17th of April, a Nanzankai Team comprised of Mr Tanaka, Mr. Ozono and Hayashi arriven in Jakarta for a 10 days tour in Indonesia. The next day the team visited DPU graduate program to make a seminar attended by the graduate students and staff of the graduate school. Mr Tanaka talked about “Future Development of Indonesia and Closed Relation with Japan”, Mr Ozono talked about “ All Wastes Leads to Energies” while Prof.Kamaruddin A. talked about “the E3i independent community concept”

Seminar between the Nanzankai and UDP Graduate school.
After visiting Padang in West Sumatera, the Nanzankai team now joined by Mr Tsutsui accompanied by Prof. Kamaruddin A. flown to Lombok island on the 23rd of April 2015. Upon arrival they soon visited Mataram University to meet the Rector who was absent and instead the team met with Vice Rector IV and staff of the Aquaculture Department to hand over MoU between DPU and Mataram Univeristy which was to be signed by the Rector. In the next day on April 24, 2015, the team visted Aquaculture Department to discuss about th technology of porcessing seaweeds The team finally met with the Rector afetr meeting with the staff of Aquaculture Department and discussed about the purpose of the Nanzankai team visit to Seriwe hamlet. On Saturday, April 25, 2015 the team visited the project site in Seriwe and found out the the construction on hybrid solar-wind dyer and the processing bulding were almost completed. There remains some small parts to be improved and completed by the contractor. The team than left Lombok Island on Sunday April the 26th and continue their flight to Japan in the evening.

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