Progress of the Mitsui Environmental grant fund project implemented by the graduate school of Darma persada University

The graduate school of DPU has signed a contract with CV Janur Pratama, a private company located in Mataram, on February 25, 2015 for the construction of hybrid solar-wind dryer, digging well water and constraction of processing building. The work started on 17 of March 2015 and completed the work on April 10, 2015. Fig.1 shows the interior of the hybrid solar-wind dryer after ccompletion of the construction work. The figure also shows the drying test for seaweeds drying, Fig.2.shows the completed construction of the processing building. Another contract was signed among the graduate school of DPU with PT Awina Sinergi Indonesia and A-Wing Co.Ltd of Japan for installation of solar and wind energy operated desalination plant on Januray 12, 2014. The installation work was conducted from July 26 through July 31, 2015. The installation work was completed on July 31st, 2015 as hown in Fugure 3. However durng the testing of the desalination facilities engineers from A-wing were unable to supply the required amount of drinkiing water and only produced 360 liters /day instead of the 3000 liters/ promised . They will expected to come in early November this year to finish the testing and conducting training to staff of Cottonii Cooperative for mainetnace of the desalination facilities.

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