Proposal for Environment Grant Fund by The Graduate School has finally approved by Mitsui, Co.Ltd

A proposal entitled “Social Development of Tangsi Jaya Hamlet Using Renewable Energy” has been finally approved by Mitsui & Co.Ltd Environment Grant Fund starting October 2016 through September 2018. Tangsi Jaya hamlet is located in West Bandung Regency , West Java , which can be reached using four wheeled car about 4 h from Jakarta. The ultimate purpose of the research project is to establish an E3i (Renewable Energy, Economy and Environment) independent village, by first conducting a survey to construct I/O Table for the hamlet. By knowing the economic structure and leading economic sector of the hamlet a Small Processing Center for Coffee will be constructed, including the construction of storage house to store the processed coffee beans. Currently the hamlet own 20 Ha of coffee plantation where the people grow Arabica coffee (70%) and Robusta coffee in the remaining area. The harvested coffee berries will later be processed in the coffee processing center. This coffee processing center will be powered by means of electricity generated from an 18 kWe micro-hydro power plant, clean renewable energy resources. Establishing the processing facility is expected to trigger the growth of other small industries in the hamlet, with the growth of several industries will increase job opportunity and, therefore, is expected to lead to poverty alleviation in the hamlet.

Project site at Tangsi Jaya hamlet, Gunung Halu, West Bandung Regency

On the 28 of November an initial survey to project site was conducted by project Management Team of UDP for Tangsi Jaya, comprising of Prof. Kamaruddin Abdullah,Dr Aep Saepul  Uyun, Mr.Jombrik, Mr Slamet Rahedi Sugeng and Ms Irna N. Djajadiningrat. The team was accompanied by 4 members of the Nanzan-kai comprising of Mr K.Tsutsui (current Chairman of the Nanzan-Kai), Mr. S.Tanaka, Mr J.Ozono and Mr H.Hosaka and staff of PT Mitsui Indonesia Mr N.Katsunishi. During the visit the team had discussion regarding the project with head of Rimba Lestari Cooperative, Mr Opan and member of the cooperative including discussion with Head of the Village Mr. Edi Kusnadi. The team later visited the location of Coffee Processing Center and Storage house, to the coffee plantation and finally visited the 18 KW micro-hydro power plant. The Nanzan-kai team was satisfied with visit after observing the project site. 


Location of Coffee Processing Center and storage building (left) and 18 kW micro-hydro power plant (right).

Potential of coffee plantation owned by the Tangsi Jaya community

 On the 15the of December 2016, a kick-off meeting was held in UDP, attended by Rector of UDP, Dr Dadang Solihin, Mr. N. Katsunishi form PT Mitsui Indonesia, Vice Rector III, three Deans, Head of Research Institute, Community Empowerment and External Collaboration, and related bureau of UDP. On his opening remark Rector Dadang Solihin stressed the need on how to nurture motivation of the community to involve with the project in order to make the project sustainable even after the assistance for Mitsui & Co.Ltd have been terminated. He also stressed the need of all audiences of the meeting to support the project by actively involve in it. After the opening address Prof. Kamaruddin Abdullah presented briefly on the description of the project to the audience. Mr Katsunishi responded that he will support the successful implementation of the project.  All attendees responded positively on the request by the Rector.

Opening address by Rector of UDP (left) and scene of the kick-off meeting

Mr Katsunishi from PT Mitsui Indonesia, giving his response.




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